Nouns and Adjectives II

Strong Feminine Nouns

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Singular Old English Approximate English Translation
Nominative giefu gift
Accusative giefe gift
Genitive giefe of the gift
Dative giefe to/for the gift
Plural Old English Approximate English Translation
Nominative giefa, -e gifts
Accusative giefa, -e gifts
Genitive giefa, -ena of the gifts
Dative giefum to/for the gifts

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Strong Adjectives

Returning now to strong adjectives, the table below shows the ending for the three genders.

SINGULAR        Masculine a-     Neuter a-     Feminine o-

NOMINATIVE til til tilu ACCUSATIVE tilne til tile GENITIVE tiles tiles tilre DATIVE tilum tilum tilre PLURAL NOMINATIVE tile tilu tile, -a ACCUSATIVE tile tilu tile, -a GENITIVE tilra tilra tilra DATIVE tilum tilum tilum

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Tony Jebson <> 15th May 2001